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Gold Opulence Manicure                                    

Signature Manicure + Gold Infused Premium Products. Gold helps improve elasticity and stimulates for firmer skin + Neck Therapy + 15-minute Hand and Shoulder Massage + Hot Stone + Collagen Mask.


Detox Manicure                                        

Signature Manicure + Charcoal Soak, Purifying Scrub, Nourishing Mask, and Neck Therapy. Followed by a Paraffin Wax Treatment and a 15-minute Hand and Shoulder Massage with Hot Stones and Emollient Massage Cream.


Deluxe Manicure                                        

Signature Manicure + Moisture Mask + Essential Oil + Paraffin Treatment    


Signature Manicure                                        

Nail Shaping, Cuticle Care + Hand Lotion Massage + Hot Towel + Buff or Color Polish.

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