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**Add $20 for gel polish**

Golden Opulence Pedicure                                                 

Enjoy the most luxurious pedicure utilizing CEREMONY OF GOLD products which includes a gold soak, scrub, and gel mask. The extremely rejuvenating pedicure with 24K gold ingredients to aid the slowdown of collagen depletion, increasing of skin elasticity, and stimulating cells to help tone up the skin. Gold soak with herbal infused foot bath + neck therapy + collagen foot mask + 25-minute feet and shoulder massage with hot stones.


Charcoal Detox Pedicure                                    

One of our most enjoyable pedicures. Includes a charcoal soak, purifying scrub, nourishing mask, and neck therapy. This is followed by a paraffin wax treatment and a 25-minute feet & shoulder massage using hot stones and an emollient massage cream to soften and soothe.


Organic Volcano Pedicures                                    

An organic pedicure system with a bubbling detox crystal foot bath to eliminate toxins from the body. A pedicure infused with collagen to reduce the effects of aging skin as the collagen is absorbed by the skin and a relaxing neck therapy and hot stone foot massage to relieve stress. 


Choose from 4 unique scents: Milk & Honey, Lavender, Rose Petal, Citrus


Milk and Honey                            

Treat yourself like royalty and submerge in a hydrating milk bath. The lactic acid in milk naturally promotes skin cell renewal as the honey element locks in moisture. The milk and honey exfoliation and paraffin dip will leave your skin glowing.  



Slip away to a peaceful pampering while soaking in calming lavender bath. The dreamy soft aroma of organic lavender oil will help relax your mind and relieve anxiety. 


Rose Petal                    

Soak in a luxurious bath full of rose petals. A mixture of rose petals and essential oils are gently rubbed onto the skin leaving it smooth and refined.



Grapefruit, orange, lemon infused foot bath to eliminate bacteria present on the skin. Our summer citrus pedicure is a symphony of essential oils, vitamin e, and antioxidants formulated to stimulate your senses as it smooths, refines, and conditions your feet. A fruit rub follows to wipe dead skin and restore moisture. It provides rich vitamins and minerals to give naturally radiant skin with strong healthy nails.






Herbal Green Tea Pedicure                                     

The aromas of this foot bath will open your sinuses and clear your head to pamper your senses. Natural Chinese herbs will increase blood circulation while protecting and restoring moisture.


Peppermint Pedicure                                        

Ease your feet into an aroma therapeutic bath rich with tea tree oil, fragrant eucalyptus oil, and vitamin-e-all-anti-inflammatory. Then enjoy a lavish scrub of mineral sea salt that polishes the skin. An intense heel smoothing treatment with peppermint cream soothes and refreshes like a gentle breeze. Finish with a moisture restoring warm paraffin treatment.


Cucumber Sensation Pedicure                                       

Created to address dry callused heels in need of an intense treatment. Calluses are smoothed away and an intensely moisturizing complex with cucumber and melon extracts is lightly massaged on to aid dehydrated skin. A cucumber mint mask is added to soothe dry skin, boost collagen in the skin to tighten and firm up the outer layer which helps reduce the appearance of aging.The feet are then wrapped in paraffin to secure the moisture.


Oscar Ultimate Pedicure                                    

Deluxe Pedicure + Fresh Aloe Vera + Hot Stones Massage


Deluxe Pedicure                                        

Signature Pedicure + Pumice Bar with an intense Callus Treatment + Sugar Scrub + Moisture Mask + Paraffin Treatment.


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